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Color is the most important factor in choosing your wedding flowers. How many people know the difference between a scabiosa or a lisianthus? Amaranthus or phlox? It can be like trying to learn a different language. Leave it up to the professional to choose the flower types and just pick your favorite color combination. Colors are so important, they alone express emotions- ask yourself what emotion are you trying to convey? What color speaks to YOU. Try to steer clear of trends- this is YOUR day.  I had a lovely bride from Louisiana who got married at Leplatts Pond, her colors: HOT pink, Pale Pink, White and Mint green. Monograms and navy and white strips accented her tables and decor. Southern CHIC..can you see it? Now try to tell a story with your color selection. Will it be bold royal purples, soft dusty blues and grays? Romantic dark burgundy? Whimsical wildflowers in bright yellows, oranges, hot pinks, and blues? The colors will lend themselves to the overall feel of your event. Don’t get bogged down that your favorite flowers are not available on your wedding day. Instead focus on picking your color palette and let the expert select blooms that reflect your style and budget.


Tip: Have your bridesmaids’ dresses chosen before you meet with your florist. Dresses express not only color, but style. Your florist will have mounds of suggestions with just one look at your dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses.


Be open

Tell your florist your budget. Be honest and open, and we will be too. Ever wonder why a bridal bouquet cost so much more than any other flowers you’ve ever bought? It’s not because your getting taken advantage of, I promise. First, a bridal bouquet takes many many more stems to create than that birthday bouquet you sent your bestie for $50. Your florist will have spent hours between meeting with you, emailing with you and vendors to specifically source and order the correct combinations of specialty blooms to fulfill your vision.  Once all the product arrives safely, ( after many possibly sleepless night by your florist crossing her fingers no shortages happen due to natural disasters and hoping for no shipping delays), it takes much longer to create a bridal bouquet than the 10 minutes it took her to collect the blooms and create that birthday bouquet. Each individual bloom is processed for its optimal beauty, prepping each underdeveloped blossom for its big appearance in your wedding. Then there is the last minute ordering of supporting blooms, if anything in the original order, is not to standard. Finally,  there is the experience of your floral designer who have spent years honing this process, learning their craft and perfecting their methods. Same goes for your caterer, photographer, cake maker, stylist, planner and any number of professionals you will hire to support you on your wedding day.

Tip : When your recieve your next quote from a vender, your going to want to jump straight to the bottom line to look at the total price, but I encourage you to stop for just a minute and think about the value and experience they are bringing to your wedding day.  Their creative talent is their livelihood and they’re fiercely passionate about helping your create the wedding you dream of.


Your Dream bouquet

So you’ve meet with your florist, you understand were the costs are, item by item, and you cannot afford it,  nope too much, can’t do it. What do you do now? My suggestion is always this… Skimp everywhere BUT your bridal bouquet.  Have your florist create your dream bouquet, just YOUR bridal bouquet. It will be the most photographed flowers of your whole day.  You are the bride and you deserve it. Trust your friend/family member, who offers and you know will follow through, with every other item and DIY away.  But please for all that is beautiful, let the professional handle your bouquet. The day of your wedding you will be so happy with your bouquet and you will outshine everything else.

Tip: make sure your photographer knows you want plenty of bouquet pictures.

Steer clear of trends

With InstaGram, Pinterest, Facebook bombarding us everyday it is hard to see the forest through the trees, but please remember this is YOUR and your fiance’s wedding.  No one else, YOU. Relax, and enjoy discovering your style and do it your way. Your wedding is as personal and individual as you are. When I got married… oh boy! I was bombarded, I knew too much, and I couldn’t decide on anything. I had been searching the internet for these trendy mercury glass vases that were too expensive and really not my style. I liked them, but they didn’t fit the venue or my vision, but they were EVERYWHERE so I thought I had to have them. Then one cold winter day I looked over at my, now husband eating his, like, fifth bowl of soup (my man likes him some soup! haha) Anyways, it was like a light bulb! So I collected soup cans for maybe a week and painted them gold and roughed the edges a bit and VOILA! Vases, that made his whole family smile (they knew how much he loved soup too)!  Make it individual and special and your loved ones will notice. Plus you don’t ever want to look back at your pictures in 10 years and think “what a silly goofy trend”. Stick with classy arrangements in interesting colors you love. Be YOU.

Tip: Be yourself; everybody else is already taken.

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